How to shop

Is it mandatory to register to order?

No! When you want to buy something from you do not have to be registered before. You can place an order as a guest, then the system will automatically create an account and send you the password to e-mail that you specified in the order.

If you still decide to register in advance, you have to press the "Register" button at the top right and then fill in the required information in the fields, which takes only a few seconds. When you have your own account, you can easily track your orders, receive emails with news and upcoming discounts and many other useful extras, such as a virtual account, for example.

When does the new item go on the site?

If you want always to be the first to choose from our best products, then know that the new items are uploading once a day:

- In the morning: 9:30

The latest uploaded products can be found in the LAST ANNOUNCED section.

What do stars mean to the products?

- 1 gold star: a brand new product with a label

- 1 gray star: second-hand product, but in perfect condition as new

- 1 white star: second-hand product with remarks

When do product prices fall?

After first 5 days of their announcement on the site, any second-hand product in the FASHION category (which is not sold) is devalued by -5% and continues to do it in every 120 hours. All products with over -40% discount can be found in the section REVALUED.

IMPORTANT !!! Keep in mind that product prices are not constantly low, if today a product was at -50%, tomorrow it may again be at its original price. We keep our right to change prices. Discounts are not available every day, so if your favorite product is at a good price, buy it before its original value comes back!

What is my size?

To measure the right size for you, you will need an instrument to measure. We make a pre-sized measurements to all our products so we are sure that you have the right choice for you. This way you will always be sure that you are buying exactly what you need. To see our sizes table, you need to click on the line next to the size selection box. Besides the size of the label, we also specify the size of our table!

Are there other colors and sizes of particular product?

Since we mainly work with second-hand products, we usually have only one size and color of every product, but sometimes exceptions are found. If the product contains more colors and sizes, you will find it in the color and size selection boxes, wright next to the main photo.

How do I order in the online store?

Buying goods online today is easier than ever. Just select the right item for you and click the "Add to Cart" button. When you are ready with all your choices, in the up right corner you see your virtual cart with the number of your choices. Pres the ORDER NOW button and follow the steps.

For the lazy ones, we also have an option to order through our information phones, and it is only necessary to tell our operator product numbers that you want to buy.

How can I be sure that my order will be accepted and finished?

Soon after you have placed the order, our colleagues will contact you to specify the address and give you the opportunity to ask additional questions related to shopping and shipping. Then we pack and proceed the order as soon as possible to a courier. You can always add an additional notes for the courier through our operators.

How do I cancel or change already placed order?

Once you've clicked on the "Order" button, you can contact us on the phones listed in the "Contact us" section and say you want to change the order or cancel it. The second way you can do is when our operator contacts you for confirmation, you can always ask him to replace chosen product or add any other.

How do I pay for the products?

We currently offer only Cash on Delivery - payment. You pay directly to the courier when receiving goods.

When will I get the shipment?

Delivery usually takes 2-4 business days for large cities, and for smaller settlements it can be delayed by another 1-2 days.

If I go to work / school every day, can I give an office address to a courier company?

Of course! If you do not want to give your personal address because you are not at home all day, it is no problem to give a courier company address from where you can pick up your shipment at your convenient time.

How and within what period can I return a purchased product and who will pay the expense?

Detailed information on Claims can be found HERE

Do I have the right to try the goods before paying the courier?

You can always return the purchased products within two weeks of receipt, but you are not allowed to try it before paying.

What is a Promo Code?

Detailed information, what is the promo code and how to use it could be found HERE