About us

Welcome to our online store and experience the magic of Pangura.com

Pangura.com is one of the largest online stores offering quality clothes, shoes and fashion goods - new, outlet and second hand.

The products marked with a gold star are brand new and those marked with a gray star are second-hand but in very good condition.

Please note that most second-hand items are available in only one piece, so you can only book any product for a certain amount of time while finalizing your order. When you book a product, you see a timer on it with the remaining minutes until the end of booking. The same timer is seen by our other customers who can not add this product to their cart until the time runs out or until you cancel the booking.


We are always trying to follow last fashion trends, and to offer to our customers up-to-date branded clothes at extremely affordable prices.


By shopping at Pangura.com, you say NO to the consumer culture and the overproduction of cheap and poor quality goods, not looking good after the first use! Instead, we give a second chance to the quality clothes, offering branded clothes and products with a guaranteed long service life. All second hand clothes that are available at Pangura.com are disinfected and chemically cleaned for which we have the appropriate certificates.

We strongly believe that the best service is based on feedback that we receive from our customers, so please contact us, your opinion is important to us.


Pangura.com - good quality, low prices, correct service.


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